We promote and disseminate professional branding

An effective, relevant and necessary discipline when it comes to adding value to all manner of companies and institutions

As a reference association in the sector we represent and defend the branding industry’s interests in Spain

The value we offer

We represent and defend the interests of the branding industry in Spain

We inform, promote and disseminate the benefits of branding

We promote excellence and demand ethical behaviour from our members

We offer our accumulated experience as a guide, for information, reflection and orientation

We analyse the repercussion of topical issues and socioeconomic changes on branding

We support those actions which favour the development and prestige of branding in Spain

Our principles

  • Confidentiality and privacy in the use of data, knowledge, models and/or information.
  • Solvency, competence, capacity, and professional diligence, ensuring that the knowledge, opinions, work, concepts, decisions and recommendations we offer serve effectively to help, orient and resolve the challenges we face.
  • Fulfilment of legislation and current laws, to avoid infringing the basic values and principles of institutions, associations, society, clients or consumers.
  • Honesty, avoiding conflicts of interest, informing clients previously and clearly so that they can decide on appropriate actions.
  • Integrity, not harming own or others’ image or reputation with practices not accepted by aebrand.
  • Dignity and mutual respect, not harming the credibility of other associates, clients, consumers or other non-associates
  • Fairness and equal responsibilities, burdens or opportunities among associates.
  • Open attitude to cooperation and collaboration with all groups of interest.
  • Political neutrality.
  • Independence from other possible interests.
  • Excellence and professional prestige, being models and examples of good practice.


Governing board


Cristian Saracco

Founding Partner
Allegro 234

Carlos Corral


Carlos Puig


Cristina Vicedo

General Director



Corporate Excellence